Blessings & Building Bridges


As an introvert, friends are something I’m not always good at easily making. While I stay alert to what goes on around me, I find comfort in maintaining my own bubble of space.

Even when I’m out in public with my daughter.

However, no matter how tight knit I may try to keep my turtle shell together, the Most High God still manages to push me out of my comfort zone to reach out to others and build beautiful friendships. Of course, after connecting with others, I feel this wave of, “Ah, now that wasn’t so bad.” followed by my natural, “But that means inviting others in.” But sometimes, the right people cross paths with yours and show you how much compassion still exists today.


Pictured Above from left to right: Young Living’s premium starter kit, 2 animal sound puzzles, a noisy farm book, diapers, and 2 pairs of shoes.



Pictured Above from top to bottom: Floral headband, red feather and floral scarf, teal scarf, multicolor pashmina, animal print sash, purple, orange, and white designed scarf, multicolor headband, and a black butterfly and flower sash.



What you see are just a few items we’ve been recently blessed with. Over the past couple few weeks, I’ve begun to go outside my comfort zones and connect with others to finally make some long term friends. After so many burns and crashes with past friendships, I had made a vow to myself to not engage in a long term friendship with others to prevent the same mistakes from reoccurring. While I thought I understood the damage that would create, I was willing to risk the chance of isolation for the sake of not feeling the pain I’ve felt in the past. Little did I know this decision of mine was causing hurt to my marriage. All the frustration I felt of being alone, despite the fact it was my choice, was bubbling up inside of me and causing me to become spiteful towards my husband.

Okay, maybe not wicked witch of the west level of spite. But still, my attitude wasn’t godly towards my husband.

So I had to admit my faults and realize I was bearing unforgiveness to those in my past. And like they say about unforgiveness; when you refuse to forgive those who hurt you, you’re paying the time for the hurt you’re holding onto- not them. They’ve moved on. But you’re refusing to allow yourself to move forward. I submitted my hurts, worries, and desires to Yah (God’s Hebrew name) and pleaded for a friend I could trust. One that would accept me for who I am and still like me. One who was like minded, of course. One that, similar to my husband, brings the best out of me and sticks by my side. I mean, who doesn’t want a friend like that? Acceptance is something we all desire.

So after praying for months, in the most unexpected way, Yah answered my prayer. He tends to work like that, doesn’t He? And the pictures you see above is the blessings my beloved friends have given to my family and I. When I let my guard down to invite others in, I met the most compassionate human beings. I met genuine people who care and love even the little details about me. The first picture are mainly gifts for our baby, with the exception of the Young Living box you see, that was sent by a dear friend. While the second picture is of scarves some lovely women sent me to help me begin my journey of wearing scarves/wraps on my head to cover myself. There was so much that was sent, that I couldn’t get everything into the picture. But seriously. Genuine friends are hard to come by. But when you come across one, don’t be afraid to let your guard down and welcome that special person in. Don’t stop searching for the diamonds when you feel like all you’re getting are rocks.