From One Hell to Another


So last week, I wasn’t very consistent with my posts and here’s why:

We have moved to Phoenix!

Yes, you read that right. Why the title? Because we moved from the Rio Grande Valley to here. In RGV, it’s H U M I D. Think over 50% humidity with 115 degree weather. No I’m not exaggerating. We just couldn’t take it down there. So my husband applied to jobs he has experience within areas we could see ourselves visiting and just threw our darts in the dark, so to speak.

What’s funny is just 2 weeks ago, we were visiting my family after a year of being apart from each other. We expected to just return to the valley, after our visit, and carry on with our lives despite the sauna-like temperatures back home. Instead, my husband received a call from one of the jobs he had applied to and was offered a position even greater than the one he already had. I mean, who could turn down traveling across country? So we packed up what we could in our minivan, and headed for Arizona. I have never visited Phoenix before, so I was pretty excited for the road trip ahead. Many think it’s tough traveling with a baby when it’s actually the complete opposite. Na’omi loves traveling so much, she actually cries to go out and explore what’s new out in the world after a couple of days being cooped inside. Who could blame her, you know?

So for now, we’re in Phoenix, exploring what it has to offer. Thankfully, I have a few family members and some really close friends here to keep me company in this new city. If you guys are in the area, hit me up in my direct messages to see if we could get together. Na’omi would love some play dates. And this mama would love to have some mom friends to meet up with.


Until next time ❤